Background Rock Music Pack

Background Rock Music Pack


Energy Rock, Upbeat Energetic, Rock and Roll, Rock The Party, Rock the Crowd, Happy Fun, Positive Rock, Upbeat Rock, Happy

This is an energetic and positive indie rock stock music tracks! The track is perfect for positive and fun summer projects! In the track there are fabulous elements of energetic guitars, powerful drums, vocal hooks, percussions! It is perfect for your commercials, movies and trailers, presentations, promos and intros, you tube channel projects, animations and cartoons, vlog, sports videos and events and more.. It will shed some new lights on your story and projects!

The preview contains full versions of the tracks, the other versions are in the archive.

Induce Rock There are 2 version in the archive:

  • Full – 2:50
  • Short – 1:46
Rock Beat There are 2 versions in the archive:
  • Full – 1:20
  • Short – 0:44
Uplifting Lite Rock There are 2 version in the archive:
  • Full – 3:06
  • Medium – 1:30

Background Rock Pack Music - 1 Background Rock Pack Music - 2 Background Rock Pack Music - 3 Background Rock Pack Music - 4 Background Rock Pack Music - 5 Background Rock Pack Music - 6 Background Rock Pack Music - 7 Background Rock Pack Music - 8 Background Rock Pack Music - 9 Background Rock Pack Music - 10

Style and Mood:

Rock pop, rock indie, rock guitar, rock music, rock the party, action, action rock, sport rock, sport action, driving rock, drive rock, rock action, extreme action, action rock trailer, sport rock, rock sport, power rock, big rock, stylish rock, rock stylish, style rock, stylish energetic rock, powerful rock, commercial rock, rock advertising, sports intro, sports theme, driving, driving in my car, driving car, driving road

Note to potential buyers:
This track is not registered with any Youtube content ID systems such as AdRev so you can monetize your videos without any issues. All our music is not registered with any Performing Rights Organisation, so you can rest assured our music is completely Royalty Free in every sense. Thank you.

Note to VideoHive Authors:
If you would like to use this music in your VideoHive project, please feel free to download the watermarked preview and use in your projects. Thank you!