Background Bundle

Background Bundle


This truly incredible bundle of epic sounds is discounted to a ridiculous savings and gives you five full-length tracks that will help transform your project into the masterpiece you have been striving towards. You get over 25 minutes of cinematic quality audio for use in your works. It features the following tracks:

1. Sci-Fi Atmosphere: Time – 5:03 2. Halloween Horror: Time – 4:28 3. Mulder’s Lament: Time – 6:42 4. Haunted Dreamscape: Time – 3:40 5. Space Drift: Time – 3:40

1. Sci-Fi Atmosphere: Time – 5:03 Sci-Fi Atmosphere is the ideal mix of ambient noise, alien sound effects and pulsing synth tones and will support and enhance your scene, not overpower it. With a dark and mysterious undertone, this track allows the audience to float through your storyline captivated with the unique sounds and overall feel. If your project has scenes involving outer space, alien worlds, deep sea, dark caves or other unknown places and/or perils this is the score for you. Running 5:03 in length, it is also available in alternate versions, including loops, upon request.

2. Halloween Horror: Time – 4:28 An epic horror backdrop with orchestral and modern instruments blending to create a nail biting and jittery feel. This track will sound great in your film, video, radio show, website or haunted house. Various different versions are available upon request, including loops and longer cuts.

3. Mulder’s Lament: Time – 6:42 Mulder’s Lament is full of mystery, suspense, intrigue and struggle right from the very start. Evoking stirs of dramatic emotions and spurring the audience onward while not overpowering your work, it is a perfect track for any film or video project with scenes that are tense and center around a conspiracy, a cover-up, a hidden agenda, a sinister plan, thoughtful or dark plotting and even murder. Running 6:42 in length, it is fit for long scenes and short alike, being easy to fade in and out of as well. This track is also available in alternate lengths and mixes upon request.

4. Haunted Dreamscape: Time – 3:40 Haunted Dreamscape is full of dark and chilling sounds and effects. Perfect for horror, sci-fi, suspense, thriller and action projects. Whether you work in film, television, radio, online or another kind of broadcasting medium, this eerie track will provide the support and enhancement you are looking for. Designed with scenes that require all of the audience’s attention in mind, Haunted Dreamscape will not in any way overpower your work. Instead, it will help bring it to life. It runs 3:40 in length and alternate versions are available upon request.

5. Space Drift: Time – 3:40 Listening to this track is like taking a mysterious journey through an atmospheric soundscape. It is arranged through layers upon layers of subtle sounds and effects in an environment suitable for a variety of scenes including horror, mystery, outer space, etc. It evokes a deep sense of the unknown and hopeless searching. This piece is also available in longer, shorter and alternate takes upon request.

  • Don’t forget to let us know about the project you use this track in. We will help promote it!

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