Baby Girl

Baby Girl

I know I called this one, “Baby Girl”, but really I meant it to be for ALL newborns. I have a cousin that has lived a very trying and crazy life. He’s been bouncing between jail and a cut-throat neighborhood since he was born. Last year his wife gave birth thier beautiful baby girl. I’ve never seen my cousin so happy in his life. Right when he saw his newborn, he immediately turned over a new leaf. He said that he sees more clear now. That baby girl healed his “gangsta limp”. I’m telling you, the power of a newborn can bring a beast to his knees. Newborns are not only the epitome of “new life”, but they also spread “new life” to the people that are lucky to be associated. When I made this musical piece, I pulled inspiration from watching my cousin and his baby. Young and precious with exploding exitement kept calmly in his chest as not to wake that beautiful baby girl.

This piece would be good for any artist (rapper/singer) with lyrics that are motivating and fun. This musical piece would also be great for TV/film in expressing a very calm and happy demeanor. This piece can also be a backround song to any transitional scenes for shows possessing a young urban flare.

Instruments used:

  • 808 drums
  • rock drums
  • hand claps
  • live/crystalized hats
  • my niece’s xylophone toy
  • tweaked pianos
  • tweaked bells
  • live bass
  • oscillated bass
  • an old wind-chime I found at the flea market
  • various synthesizers
  • horns
  • various JQuinn layering

Instructions: Bring in the “Loop” file into your favorite editor and simply copy and paste to extend the loop to the desired length. That’s it!

Notes: File contains the loop and a lopped sample. If you need a custom intro or variations for this particular loop then feel free to contact us and we will be more then happy to help you out.


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