Atmospheric Ambient Slideshow Pack

Atmospheric Ambient Slideshow Pack

This package consists of three peaceful, inspiring, emotional tracks. The main theme of the tracks – ambient background music, beautiful electronic music, a new world, new emotions, new expectations, evolution, ecology, hope for the future, pictures of nature, peaceful sky and more… Ideal for inspiring and emotional projects, creating a new picture of our life.. The folder contains short versions and loops of tracks.

1. Evolution – 2:50 (+ short version and two loops)

Evolution (short) – 1:29

Evolution (loop) – 0:40

Evolution (loop 2) – 0:20

2. Atmosphere Documentary Ambient – 2:33 (+ two short versions and two loops)

Atmosphere Documentary Ambient (short) – 1:33

Atmosphere Documentary Ambient (short 2 minimal without drum and solo synthesizer) – 1:09

Atmosphere Documentary Ambient (loop) – 0:43

Atmosphere Documentary Ambient (loop 2) – 0:21

3. Ambient Inspirational Adventure – 2:48 (+ short version and loop)

Ambient Inspirational Adventure (short version) – 1:25

Ambient Inspirational Adventure (loop) – 0:33

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