Asia Kit

Asia Kit

Asia Kit - 1

Asia Kit is atmospheric, cinematic track with a traditional ethnic instruments in the style of Hip-Hop Asia. This Kit immerses in the magical and mysterious world of Asia and Orient.

If you want to create a sensual stylish magical atmosphere with Asian colors in your video, then this track is perfect for this!

This track will approach for: documentary film, nature video, city video, vlogging, fashion, instagram, vimeo, youtube, models, travel videos, adventure videos, photography, lifestyle, inspiring videos, slideshow, vlogs, workout, fitness videos, health and body, beauty tutorial, lifestyle, advertisment and many other!

The main musical instrument of the taiko, zither, synthesizer, drum, bass, vical samples, fx, pads, strings, percussion, stylish hiip hop beat.

Track associations Asia, Ethnic Instruments, National Traditions. Where typical music items are simply fixed-length tracks, Music Kits are provided as individual drag-and-drop song sections (e.g. intro, verse, chorus, etc.) that can be quickly and seamlessly arranged to meet your project’s needs.

They’re specifically designed so that you can work with them directly in your software or editing tool of choice. Music kit sections contain natural decaying “tails” that allow for seamless transitions.

This music kit includes two demo tracks:
  • Demo Track 01 – 1:43
  • Demo Track 02 – 0:33
    List of tracks that included of this kit: All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails:
    • 01_Intro – 0:10
    • 02_Verse1 – 0:10
    • 03_Verse2 – 0:10
    • 04_Chorus1 – 0:10
    • 05_Chorus2 – 0:10
    • 06_Breakdown1 – 0:10
    • 07_Breakdown2 – 0:10
    • 08_Chorus3 – 0:10
    • 09_Chorus4 – 0:10
    • 10_End – 0:15
    • 11_BonusChorus1 – 0:10
    • 12_BonusChorus2 – 0:10

    This is original track