Another Fingerpicking 5 Pack

Another Fingerpicking 5 Pack

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This is a pack of 5 songs that are mainly driven by finger picked acoustic guitar (or ukulele!).


Moonrise_Ending.WAV (1:12)

To The Distance

ToTheDistance_Loop.WAV (2:17) ToTheDistance_Ending.WAV (2:23)

Summer Ukulele

SummerUkulele_Ending.WAV (1:55)

Evening Waltz

EveningWaltz_Ending.WAV: (2:08)

Gentle Night

GentleNight.WAV (1:29)


This track is driven by two lightly fingerpicked guitars backed by a piano and a pad. The guitars drive and drone in a sleepy fashion, evoking images of driving in the country at night watching the moon rise bright in a starry sky. Optimistic and sentimental with a dreamy feel.

To The Distance:

Driven by a finger picked guitar and strummed ukulele, this song is low key but driving with a steady rhythm. Positive and optimistic, yet sentimental, nostalgic and with a wistful feeling. Perfect for background music where a feeling of memory and looking back is required.

Summer Ukulele:

This song is driven by two ukuleles, one lightly fingerpicked and the other one with a steady strum to keep a moderate pace with the shaker beat. Piano and electric piano join in for a simple melody. Positive and optimistic, yet mellow and low key, this song evokes images of a lazy day on a tropical beach.

Evening Waltz:

Played in waltz time and driven by a fingerpicked acoustic guitar, strummed ukulele, and a simple piano melody, this song is very low key and sentimental but drives at a steady dancing pace. Invokes images of a summer evening in the country.

Gentle Night:

This track is driven by two lightly fingerpicked guitars backed by a piano, pad and a flute. This song is mellow and sleepy but drives well. Optimistic and sentimental, this feels like a soft summer night.