An Orchestra Kit

An Orchestra Kit

An Orchestra Kit - 1

Orchestra Kit

Orchestra Kit is an uplifting and motivational orchestral music item featuring piano and orchestra. Orchestra Kit is great for any type of media projects. Orchestra Kit based on my original item An Orchestra. An Orchestra Kit - 2

Orchestra Kit demos:

  • Demo 1, 2:33
  • Demo 2, 1:34
  • Demo 3, 3:32

Song Sections

  • 01_Intro (0:18) Staccato strings theme
  • 02_Intro_Short (0:10) Intro short version
  • 03_Verse_Violin (0:18) Adding violins melody
  • 04_Verse_Viola (0:19) Adding viola, violin melody variation
  • 05_Verse2_bells (0:19) Adding bells, harp arpeggio, and woods
  • 06_Bridge_1 (0:18) Bridge: violin melody, adding piano theme
  • 07_Bridge_2 (0:19) Bridge_2: violin and viola melody variation
  • 08_Chorus (0:20) Culmination: adding choir, brass and violin runs and orchestral drums
  • 09_Chorus2_brass (0:19) Culmination: adding brass melody, fast piano theme
  • 10_Chorus3_Main_Culmination (0:19) Main culmination: full orchestra melody variation, adding orchestral snare
  • 11_Outro (0:20) Outro: soft strings melody ending
An Orchestra Kit - 3

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