Ambiental Lounge Pack

Ambiental Lounge Pack

This is my new inspirational, Creative and original “Ambiental Lounge Pack”! It was especially created for your motivational and ambient background music includes clean piano, strings, rhythmical beat and other. Best for corporate videos, commercials, positive, cinema, advertisement, slideshow, lower thirds videohive projects or as web page music.

Wav and mp3 included.

Tracks Included:

  • Ambiental Lounge :
  • Ambiental Lounge will be a perfect choice for a innovative technological videos, narration background, voice over work, motivational, inspiring, corporate videos, digital marketing, corporation presentations, innovative technological videos, slideshows, shows, blogs, make up guru videos, fashion projects, travel videos, fashion videos, YouTube videos and others.

    This track included 3 versions:

    1. Ambiental Lounge (Version 1) – 2:41

    2. Ambiental Lounge (Version 2) – 2:02

    3. Ambiental Lounge (Version 3) – 1:24

    4. Ambiental Lounge (Version 4) – 1:05
  • Inspiring Ambiental Piano:
  • This is an inspirational track, which includes a grand piano, bells, and sampled modern rhythm section. Perfect for advertising, technology slideshows, inspiring, motivating, promotional, presentation, commercial and innovation videos and more.

    This track included 3 versions:

    1. Inspiring Ambiental Piano (Version 1) – 2:24

    2. Inspiring Ambiental Piano (Version 2) – 1:47

    3. Inspiring Ambiental Piano (Version 3) – 1:11Ambiental Lounge Pack - 1
  • Ambience Electronic:
  • Ambience Electronic – A song with high quality fresh sounds, enjoy hearing each time you listen. An energetic track great for commercials and advertising, web videos and more.

    This track included 4 versions:

    1. Ambience Electronic (Version 1) – 2:33

    2. Ambience Electronic (Version 2) – 1:29

    3. Ambience Electronic (Version 3) – 0:53Ambiental Lounge Pack - 2

Ambiental Lounge Pack - 3

I hope that you’ll be feel the pleasure with this track.

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