Ambient Rock Pack

Ambient Rock Pack

A collection of calm and beautiful ambient rock music. This music is in the post rock style, featuring a rich combination of smooth and relaxing guitar

sounds and reversed guitar samples. These tracks are hypnotic and dreamy, great to add a peaceful and atmospheric feeling to any project.

This pack includes four ambient rock tracks:

Eternal Flame: 2:30

Lonely Electrics: 2:21

Five versions included!:

“Lonely Electrics” complete: 2:21

“Lonely Electrics” variation 1: 1:48

“Lonely Electrics” variation 2: 1:15

“Lonely Electrics” variation 3: 0:58

“Lonely Electrics” variation 4: 0:25

Moving Ambient: 3:18

Two edits of this track:

“Moving Ambient” complete: 3:18

“Moving Ambient” short edit: 1:49

Universal Beauty: 2:33

5 versions included!:

“Universal Beauty” complete: 2:33

“Universal Beauty” variation 1: 1:32

“Universal Beauty” variation 2: 1:06

“Universal Beauty” variation 3: 0:40

“Universal Beauty” variation 4: 0:17