Ambient Soundtracks

Ambient Soundtracks


This is a collection of 4 soft, motivational, inspiring, beautiful, positive, warm, uplifting corporate instrumental tracks. These four independent tracks are designed to work seamlessly together. Great background music for business presentations, photo slideshows, family movies, wedding videos, commercials, happy videos, corporate videos, YouTube video, game, social media, websites, tv, radio, and podcasts. Use it anywhere you want to create the right mood and perception.

Files included in the zip and played in the preview file in this order:

1. Pictures
  • Pictures (3:16)
  • Pictures – short version (1:55)
“Pictures” is a soft track with acoustic piano, electric guitar, strings, pads, synths, deep bass, drums and more. Perfect for corporate, promotion, presentation, commercial, video, web and any modern projects.

2. Thoughtful Music
  • Main version (2:26)
Minimalistic, relaxing and beautiful ambient track. Inspirational and soft background composition featuring an elegant piano melody, electric muted guitar, ambient pad, a warm bass, modern effects and an easygoing beat. Perfect for films, documentary projects, television, inspirational videos, and any project needing a gentle yet motivational background.

3. Atmospheric Music
  • Atmospheric Music (4:25)
  • Atmospheric Music Loop (1:35)
Minimalistic, relaxing and deep ambient track. Contains deep synths, piano, minimalistic drums and atmospheric pads. Can be used as background in technological presentations, product promo, elegant slideshow and more.

4. For Educational Training
  • For Educational Training (2:32)
  • For Educational Training – version with ending (3:04)
Easy, soft, minimal and pleasant ambient track. Beautiful and positive background, creates an atmosphere of calm, peace and joy. Perfect for documentaries, television, inspirational videos, corporate, promotion, presentation, commercial, web and any project in need of motivational background! Main instruments are electric guitars, piano, acoustic guitar, ambient pad, deep bass, drums, and more.

This download includes both 16bit Wav and 320kbps MP3

What do we want from our projects? Success, popularity, uniqueness … Appropriate music is what you need to create the right mood and perception. This pack will help you make the audience fall in love with your project. Besides, it’s a great money saving.

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