Ambient and Elegant Corporate Kit

Ambient and Elegant Corporate Kit

A MUSIC KIT, based on original composition Ambient and Elegant Corporate.

This is one of the best Stock Music Tracks for an iPhone X Review

What Envato team said about it: For a serious and considered analysis of the new iPhone, try this track. Ambient and Elegant Corporate is smooth, and is a great choice to sit behind narration.

Ambient and Elegant Corporate – perfect soundtrack for video production with elegant and tech feel!

Introducing Ambient and Elegant Corporate – smooth and relaxing background music. Featuring plucky synths, calm piano, ambient guitar and tiny drums that create that atmospheric effect. This track is perfect for wide variety of projects like tech vlogs, reviews, presentations and meny more.

What’s Inside:

Demo Tracks:
Demo_01 (2:51)
Demo_02 (1:01)
Demo_03 (0:32)

Adobe Audition project files of the demo arrangements to help you get started.

Song Sections:
01_Intro (0:02)
02_Intro_NoFx (0:02)
03_VersePart1 (0:18)
04_VersePart1_NoKick (0:18)
05_VersePart2 (0:18)
06_VersePart3 (0:18)
07_VersePart4 (0:18)
08_VersePart4_NoKick (0:18)
09_BridgePart1 (0:09)
10_BridgePart1_NoKick (0:09)
11_BridgePart2 (0:09)
12_ChorusPart1 (0:18)
13_ChorusPart1_NoCrash (0:18)
14_ChorusPart1_NoKickAndCrash (0:18)
15_ChorusPart2 (0:18)
16_ChorusPart2_NoKick (0:18)
17_PreEnd (0:18)
18_PreEnd_NoKick (0:18)
19_End1 (0:04)
20_End1_NoKick (0:04)
21_End2 (0:02)
22_End2_NoKick (0:02)