All Night Disco Dance Party Kit

All Night Disco Dance Party Kit

All Night Disco Dance Party is a fresh and funky track with a retro disco vibe. With modern sounds, catchy hooks and powerful EDM rhythms, this song is a unique and innovative way to add inspiration to your project. Featuring funky guitars, modern electronic pop production and a driving disco beat!

This is a music kit, designed for supreme flexibility and customisation. If messing about with loops isn’t for you, try one of the 3 versions included with All Night Disco Dance Party

Included are 15 music loops:

01_Intro – 0:10

02_Intro_Bass – 0:10

03_Intro_Full – 0:18

04_Verse – 0:18

05_Verse_Piano – 0:18

06_Verse_Guitar_Hook – 0:18

07_Verse_Synth_Hook – 0:18

08_Breakdown – 0:18

09_Breakdown_Build – 0:18

10_Chorus – 0:18

11_Chorus_Guitar_Hook – 0:18

12_Chorus_Synth_Hook – 0:18

13_End_1 – 0:18

14_End_2 – 0:18

15_End_3 – 0:18

We hope you enjoy this Kit, please come back to rate and we’d love to see how you use it, send us a link!

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