Africa Atmosphere Drone Ambient Kit

Africa Atmosphere Drone Ambient Kit

Africa Atmosphere Drone Ambient Kit - 1
Africa Atmosphere Drone Ambient is a music inspired from Africa! It features a Djembe, Marimba, Kalimba, African Drone & Pad, African Guitar, Flute, Subtile Ambient sounds.

Mood: Inspirational, ambient, emotional, spirit

It is the music kit version of this original track: Africa Atmosphere Drone Ambient
Because it is a Drone Ambient Atmosphere music, I personally recommend to use the Tail versions.

What’s Inside

• PDF Documentation on how to use it
• 6 Song sections without Tails
• 6 Song sections with Tails for smooth transitions or endings
• 3 Demo Tracks, ready to use

The demos were made thanks to the Song Sections! Drag, Drop & Voilà!
• Demo 1 (01:14) Medium Version
• Demo 2 (00:40) Short Version
• Demo 3 (01:13) Medium Version 2

Song Sections (both with Tails and No Tails)

• 01_Intro – 00:21 – Introduction
• 02_Drone_1 – 00:15 – Variation 1 with a smooth melody
• 03_Drone_2 – 00:18 – Variation 2 with kalimba and marimba
• 04_Drone_3 – 00:24 – Variation 3 with a smooth melody and guitar
• 05_Drone_4 – 00:24 – Variation 4 with a smooth melody, marimba and guitar
• 06_Outro – 00:24 – Outro

Africa Atmosphere Drone Ambient Kit - 2

About the Author

Africa Atmosphere Drone Ambient Kit - 3

My name is NirinA and I am a music producer, beatmaker and musician. I used to be a video maker for corporate / advertising projects and Youtuber. I was already making soundtracks for my videos when working with top brands then decided to start selling it on Audiojungle. And I got sales! ☺

Today I am a full-time versatile artist specialized in world music (Indian / African / Asian) selling soundtracks on Audiojungle as an Exclusive Author. Below are some Brands which featured my musics.
Africa Atmosphere Drone Ambient Kit - 4