Adventures In Space - Music Pack

Adventures In Space - Music Pack

Classic retro film soundtrack for space adventures (and potentially many other purposes).

This pack includes four unique themes which work together as one whole sound identity (Note: They’re available as separate items also)

Adventures In Space 1: 2:45

Adventures In Space 2: 2:08

Adventures In Space 3: 3:51

Adventures In Space 4: 1:45

Adventures in Space 1

Powerful and dramatic opening theme built upon layers of analogue synthesizers, has a sense of opening up and breaking through, a peaceful drama, exploration and adventure, which then relaxes into a mellow rather minimalistic nice chiming guitar melody backed by a pulsing retro synth, very open, plenty of space and breath.

Also included are three short idents from the main opening theme.

Adventures in Space 2

A little bit eerie and mysterious, a blend of whistling oscillating synthesizers, avant-garde echoing plucks, wobbly bending slide guitar, and retro sampled choir. Quite strange and weird but cool, then it breaks out into an epic Floyd-esque slide guitar moment blended in with organ like synths.

Also perfect for a psychedelic scene, where someone may be having a swirling, mystical experience of some potion or another.

Adventures In Space 3

Classic retro pulsing synthesizer space theme with electronic drum machine, happy and innocent with a sense of mystery, lots of beeps, whooshes, echoes and atmosphere plus little sound effects and subtleties to please the ear, constant driving forward, positive, fresh and open with a kind of odd beauty.

Adventures In Space 4

Very atmospheric, pulsing synthesizer with mystical guitar melody, beeps and echoes, wobbles and squeaks, peaceful and relaxing, cute and quirky, fading off into the distance, the end of a journey, saying goodbye, uplifting and positive, hopeful.

Gradually breaks down into basic synth sweeps and subtle choir, minimal and spacious, perfect for ending sequence.

Total Time: 11:56

INCLUDED IN PACK : (Order Of Preview)

1. Adventures in Space 1: 00:00 – 02:45

2. Ident1: 2:46 – 3:12

3. Indent2: 3:13 – 3:37

4. Ident3: 3:38 – 4:08

5. Adventures in Space 2: 4:09 – 06:17

6. Adventures in Space 3: 06:18 – 10:09

7. Adventures in Space 4: 10:10 – 11:56