Adrenaline Intro

Adrenaline Intro


Lively percussion instruments drive the action till the end.

This successful teaser will integrate seamlessly into Radio or TV programs and commercials, presentations, podcasts and other media projects on YouTube or smartphones. As a bonus you get a logo of 5 seconds, offering you flexibility to reinforce the teaser. Adrenaline Intro has been produced using award-winning software and instruments.

Therefore, there are 2 items included in your .zip archive:
  • Adrenaline Intro track – 0:15 (.wav and .mp3 files)
  • Adrenaline Logo track – 0:05 (.wav and .mp3 files)
Preview track:
  • The Intro version is located at the beginning of the preview track
  • The Logo version is located at 0:15
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