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I know most audio tracks in sites are pretty generic sounding but this piece of music actually moved me. I’m more than impressed. This dude is freaking talented. I’m gonna get more!

Reader skipped this one! Thanks for the very kind words and support Monophant :)

I have just purchased every clip I have listened to so far… just wonderful stuff and perfect for what I plan to use this for. But I better stop right now before I go broke! I will send you some information about what I plan to use this for and perhaps you can make some recommendations. I would like to create a library with your stuff.

Wow tconant, thanks for the support :)

Sure, I’d curious to learn about your ideas and I could offer you recommendations. Let me know anytime, thanks.

simply nice!!!!!! thank you!

thanks phiba :)

Wow! Is there a rating higher than 5 stars? Because, if there was, this piece would get it. Just lovely… ;)

Thanks edmundos! Really appreciate you comments, very kind of you to say that :D

This is beautiful, I was looking for something good and I heard this right away and I knew this was what I was looking for. I love it.

Thanks so much rtt1969 :) Your words and support are very much appreciated! :)

I couldn’t help but buy this

Thanks Corndog, very much :)


nice job ! Do you know the bpm of this record ? A very usefull information for my video.

One of the best songs I have ever heard. I have been taking a video game designing course in high school and intend to use this song in the final assignment (which involves actually developing a game).


Thank You EarArt!

My Kaplan online GMAT class plays this song prior to starting the class. I want to say that this song definitely got my attention. Fantastic song that makes me feel positive and optimistic about doing well. Thanks for making it!

does the female voice will disappear once I purchased the song?