Action Sports Intro Pack

Action Sports Intro Pack

This Action Sports Intro Pack consists of 3 extremely energetic and powerful rock logos. These strong, action oriented openers with bouncy drums and distortion electric guitars will add energy and winner vibes to your video or podcast.

Use this pack for sport videos, adverts, marketing, extreme sports, TV shows, YouTube vlogs, lifestyle blogs, podcasts and more.

Use it to build up your own brand or YouTube channel!

Tracks Included to the Pack:

1. Sports Intro

Sports Intro is a powerful, motivational, modern sport intro with punchy big beat, deep electronic bass fused with driving electric guitars and stylish synths.

Use this sports music opener in any sporty commercial, advert, sport video, podcast, video production, tv or radio show, rugby game, youtube blog, football footage, action film, competition, movie trailer, game teaser, video about cars, street racing, rugby championship and more!

Instruments:Drums, stomp, bass, distortion electric guitar, lead guitars, claps, synth pads, riser, impacts, fx.

5 Versions Included:
1. Sports Intro – 0:20.
2. Sports Intro No Guitars – 0:20.

3. Sports Intro Short – 0:13.
4. Sports Intro Short No Guitars – 0:13.
5. Sports Intro Loop – 0:13.

2. Sport Intro Action Opener

Sport Intro Action Opener is an energetic, powerful, modern rock music that will fit perfectly in a sport intro or an action show opener. It has fast beat, deep, low bass and driving electric guitar riff.

Instruments:Drums, bass, distortion electric guitar, risers, synth pads.

5 Versions Included:
1. Sport Intro Action Opener – 0:16.
2. Sport Intro Action Opener Alternative – 0:16.

3. Sport Intro Action Opener Long – 0:25.
4. Sport Intro Action Opener Loop – 0:09.
5. Sport Intro Action Opener Loop 2 – 0:09.

3. Action Sport Rock Intro Ident

Action Sport Rock Intro is an aggressive, strong hard rock music ident with powerful drums, overdrive bass guitar and driving, energetic electric guitars.

Instruments:Drums, stomps, rock bass, distortion electric guitars, claps.

5 Versions Included:
1. Action Sport Rock Intro – 0:26.
2. Action Sport Rock Intro Short – 0:16.
3. Action Sport Rock Intro Short 2 – 0:16.
4. Action Sport Rock Intro Short 3 – 0:07.
5. Action Sport Rock Intro Loop – 0:19.

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