Action Sport Rock Pack

Action Sport Rock Pack

Action Sport Rock Pack is pack of energetic and powerful sport tracks for a hot, action and fiery video.

Good for: TV, advertisement, commercial, presentation, slideshow, movie, party, travel video, game soundtrack, corporate video, sport video, motion, animation, youtube background, motivational video, teen, adventure, commercial, radio, TV, web, news, podcast background for sports trailer opening and action, extreme, sports news tv broadcast, game competition, fight or fighting, action film, aggressive sport video, driving movie, race or racing video, any kind of action sport and other different projects with action rock dynamic mood.

This package includes 3 tracks.

1. Action Sport Rock (2:12)

Action Sport Rock – 2:12
Action Sport Rock (short) - 1:19
Action Sport Rock (teaser) - 1:02
Action Sport Rock (Loop) – 0:17

2. Sport Rock Epic Energy (2:20)

Sport Rock Epic Energy – 2:20 ;
Sport Rock Epic Energy (short) – 1:22 ;
Sport Rock Epic Energy (teaser) - 1:03 ;

3. This Sport Epic Rock (2:20)

This Sport Epic Rock - 2:20
This Sport Epic Rock (short) - 1:16
This Sport Epic Rock (teaser) - 0:49
This Sport Epic Rock (loop) - 0:25

All versions are represented in WAV an MP3

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