Action Sport Rock Intro Ident

Action Sport Rock Intro Ident

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5 Versions Included!
Action Sport Rock Intro is an aggressive and powerful sport rock music with action, energetic, explosive mood. This background rock music will be a perfect addition for a game, movie rock trailers, sports trailers, openers, tv and radio shows, fast action commercials, cars, racing videos, fight, martial arts, snowboarding and other extreme projects and any action video!

Instruments:Drums, bass guitar, overdrive electric guitars, synth pads.

Versions Included:
1. Action Sport Rock Intro – 0:18.
2. Action Sport Rock Intro Long – 0:33.
3. Action Sport Rock Intro Long 2 – 0:33.
4. Action Sport Rock Intro Alternative – 0:33.
5. Action Sport Rock Intro Loop – 0:14.

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