Action Sport Promo Upbeat Kit

Action Sport Promo Upbeat Kit


Upbeat Energetic very positive, optimistic, motivational and inspirational success but aggressive breakbeat Powerful energy popular cool song. Bring more adrenaline beat in your Extreme projects, uprising and uplifting victory feel, dynamic excited party revolt spirit, inspiring for angry sport people (no matter do you Running Driving a Car, Fighting or Boxing or just playing video game) in summer club party extreme dance, or achievement sportsman world record victory win., fast and furious.

Suitable for any sports (football, fast running, snowboard, skying, boxing), sport news/shows opener – opening promo or commercial, olympic games intro – glorious film – wild television industrial broadcast Advert – happy Social Media Marketing – Promotional Presentations – Home Youtube Channel – Aerial DJI drone Cinema professional chase – Travel Holiday Vacation – road trip freedom movies – motivational tourism commercial – SlideShow Documentary – dramatic Soundtrack Thriller – inspiration productivity sales advertising – pompous Videohive Preview – School College contemplative Work – Time Lapse Promotion – success trade video – stimulating trailer – tension extreme car racing or cool driving – action scenes – gopro hot videos – Lifestyle – fighting, drift, chasing and many more…

Based on my original AudioJungle inspirational Hard Action Sport Track with Modern driving sound: Action Sport Promo

You may create millions of variations with different duration, with or without solo, like in Demo That you can use immediately:

  • Demo 1 News or Corporate event background Version 130’ (duration 2:15) (preview 00:00-02:15)
  • Demo 2 Action Commercial version 60’ (duration 1:13) (preview 02:15-03.28)
  • Demo 3 TV or Radio Jingle Ident version 20’ (duration 0:30) (preview 03.28-03.58)
  • 01_Start
  • 02_Intro-A_LightBeat
  • 03_Intro-B_FullBeat
  • 04_Main-A
  • 05_Main-B_SynArp
  • 06_Main-C_Piano
  • 07_Main-D_Horns
  • 08_Bridge-A_Horns
  • 09_Bridge-B_Synth
  • 10_Bridge-C_Guitars
  • 11_Main-E_Horns
  • 12_Main-F_Organ
  • 13_End
  • 14_Alt_Start
  • 15_Alt_Main-A
  • 16_Alt_Main-B
  • 17_Alt_Main-C
  • 18_Alt_Main-D
  • 19_Alt_Main-E
This track Featuring: Brutal and hard edge big beat with acid synths, contemporary hard and heavy Dirty distortion electric hard guitars with fresh and crispy epic flying acid synth, amped bass, groovy breakbeat jumping pumping bouncy EDM Dance drums, modern positive joy piano, and great fx, rise, motivated business whooshes, strong sweeps, inspiring hits, corporate crash, metal punching snare, rock overdrive lead guitar, powerful positive marching band brass, sports horns, sportive industrial urban impact (basket ball punch).