Action Sport Kit

Action Sport Kit

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”Action Sport Kit” – Its a hybrid rock track, with loud riser, hits and transitions, with electric guitars. Perfect for intro, start, beginning of action videos, teaser, game, walk-through, fps, gym and workout videos, fitness and cardio, training, sports, athletics, aerobics, freeletics, calisthenics, freerunning, parkour, free run, speed, motorsports, compilations, the best of, extreme sports videos, motor sports, urban, show reels, cars, speed, bikes, boats, cross, motocross, snowboard, x-games, freestyle, reviews, digital marketing, walkthrough, first person shooters, sport, tv and youtube, fit, interval training and more. Download the preview and check it out!

Now it comes as a Kit so take advantage of it. Arrange all sections easily, so they match the flow of your picture perfectly! Without expensive and time consuming editing jobs. Download the preview now and check it out!

Zip contains:

1_Action Sport Kit (Demo 1) – 1:30
2_Action Sport Kit (Demo 2) – 1:41
3_Action Sport Kit (Demo 3) – 1:07

1_Intro Whoosh – 0:01
2_Intro Buildup_A – 0:11
3_Intro Buildup_B – 0:11
4_Intro Uplift – 0:05
5_Verse_A – 0:11
6_Verse_B – 0:11
7_Verse_C – 0:11
8_Verse_D – 0:11
9_Chorus_A – 0:11
10_Chorus_B – 0:11
11_Breakdown – 0:11
12_Verse_More Energy_A – 0:11
13_Verse_More Energy_B – 0:11
14_Verse_More Energy_C – 0:11
15_Outro – 0:05

Link to the original: Action Sport !!

Action Sport Kit - 1