Action Sport Driving Rock Music Kit

Action Sport Driving Rock Music Kit

Action Sport Driving Rock Music Kit - 1

MUSIC KIT, based on my original AudioJungle composition, Action Sport Rock Music

Sports Music, Action Music, Action Sport, Driving Rock, Extreme Sports, Rock Trailer, Motivate, Gym

This royalty free music track was made specially for your powerful and energetic projects with extreme sports or cinematic mood! Pay attention to these remarkable groovy guitar riffs and energizing drums and percussion and here’s a perfect background track for your dynamic sport projects and videos, highlight reels, trailers and movies, chase and fighting sequences, video games and apps, intros and openers, AE animations, vlogs, YouTube contents, GoPro adventures and more. There’s nothing else you can do but energize your exciting projects and videos by using this invigorating and punchy music piece! Try it right now!


  • DEMO #1 – 2:31
  • DEMO #2 – 0:40
  • DEMO #3 - 0:19 

Track Sections:

  • 01_Pre_Intro (0:02)
  • 02_Intro1 (0:06)
  • 03_Intro2 (0:06)
  • 04_Chorus1 (0:12)
  • 05_Chorus2 (0:12)
  • 06_Verse1 (0:12)
  • 07_Verse2 (0:12)
  • 08_Bdridge (0:12)
  • 09_Chorus1 (0:12)
  • 10_Chorus2 (0:12)
  • 11_Ending (0:05)


Action Sport Driving Rock Music Kit - 2