Action Space Cinematic Trailer Pack

Action Space Cinematic Trailer Pack

A great cinematic package. Good for movies, cartoons, trailers, and other videos in space and action topics (wav + mp3). Includes the following tracks:

1) Cinematic Space Action Trailer This composition has 2 versions:

- “Cinematic Space Action Trailer” – (1:38)

- “Cinematic Space Action Trailer_Looped” – (1:27)

2) Action Space Cinematic Trailer This composition has 2 versions:

- “Action Space Cinematic Trailer” – (2:50)

- “Action Space Cinematic Trailer_Looped Episode” – (1:04)

3) Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer This composition has 5 versions:

- “Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer_Full Track” – (2:24)

- “Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer_First Part” – (0:35)

- “Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer_Second Part” – (0:35)

- “Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer_Third Part” – (0:35)

- “Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer_Fourth Part” – (0:35)

In the preview file:

- the “Cinematic Space Action Trailer_Looped” version begins at 1:37

- the “Action Space Cinematic Trailer” track begins at 3:05

- the “Action Space Cinematic Trailer_Looped Episode” version begins at 5:55

- the “Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer_Full Track” track begins at 7:00

- the “Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer_First Part” version begins at 9:24

- the “Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer_Second Part” version begins at 10:00

- the “Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer_Third Part” version begins at 10:36

- the “Military Sci-Fi Blockbuster Trailer_Fourth Part” version begins at 11:12

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