Action Pack

Action Pack

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”Action Pack” - Powerful action pack, hybrid trailer style, perfect for intro, start of a video, beginning, outro, wrap up, news, extreme sports, motorsports, action, trailers, show reels, cars, speed, bikes, boats, cross, motocross, snowboard, x-games, fight, cage fight, ufc, mma, freestyle, compilation videos, games, digital marketing, walkthrough, fps, first person shooters, sport, tv and youtube, workout, gym, fitness, fit, interval training, athletics, calisthenics, freeletics, freerun, parkour, freerunning, dynamic footage, free run, off-road, offroad, war, battle, intense, percussion and many more. Features drums, synth, guitars, melodies. Download the preview and check it out!

Zip Contains:
Action Sport
1_Action Sport (Full length) – 2:27
2_Action Sport (No Guitar Solo) – 2:27
3_Action Sport (Loop) – 1:08
4_Action Sport (60s Edit) – 1:00
5_Action Sport (30s Edit) – 0:30

1_Action (Full length) – 2:41
2_Action (Loop) – 1:30
3_Action (60s Edit) – 1:00
4_Action (30s Edit) – 0:30

Extreme Action Sports
1_Extreme Action Sports (Full length) – 1:45
2_Extreme Action Sports (Loop) – 0:45
3_Extreme Action Sports (60s Edit) – 1:00
4_Extreme Action Sports (30s Edit) – 0:30
5_Extreme Action Sports (15s Edit) – 0:15