Action Pack

Action Pack

This is a epic and powerful cinematic music pack. Mix of epical orchestral strings, brass, horns and pumping, collossal drums with dubstep/trap drums and hard synth bass.

This tracks is a perfect fit for a trailer, video game, film, home movie or slideshow. Ideal sound for your sport, workout or motivational video, timelapse, promotion company or advertising. You can make your movie or selfmade storys, fps or race or fighting game stream more inspirational, powerful, groovy and unforgettable simply using this background soundtrack.

Special tracks structure perfectly used of most popular video project. Wav and mp3 formats included to zip file for any videomontage programs and platforms compatible.

This music tracks has a several versions therefore you can use it for your project without any manipulations (cuting, fadeing, etc).

Simply / Fast / Comfortably. Just choose the version more suitable length.

You can buy this pack in just 39 and save more then 50% of individual tracks costs. Click the button bellow and get this inspirational music.

Included versions:

  1. Action (3 versions)
  2. Blockbuster (3 versions)
  3. Action Blockbuster (3 versions)

  4. Included tracks and versions:
    1 Action (2:33; 145bpm)
    2 Action (Short – 1:40; 145bpm)
    3 Action (Short 2 – 1:14; 145bpm)
    4 Blockbuster (3:06; 140bpm)
    5 Blockbuster (Short – 1:44; 140bpm)
    6 Blockbuster (Short 2 – 1:44; 140bpm)
    7 Action Blockbuster (2:22; 172bpm)
    8 Action Blockbuster (Short 1 – 1:37; 172bpm)
    9 Action Blockbuster (Short 2 – 0:51; 172bpm)