Action Music Pack

Action Music Pack

  1. Sport Epic Motivation Trailer

    Sport Epic Motivation Trailer – this energetic trailer suitable for video that contains the action, destruction, strength, epic moments as well as sports activities, victory, defeat, and motivation. Track contains epic strings, power drums, percussions, massive brass, rise, aggressive crash, inspired bell, and effects. Perfect for intro, logo, trailer, game trailer, youtube blog, advertising, cinema trailer, cinematic trailer, movie trailers, extreme win, cars, drift, tv and radio, sport videos, backgrounds, policy, competition, games and other commercial projects.

    Included 2 Versions:

    • Full (length 2:24)
    • Short1 (length 1:20)

  2. Action Movie Trailer

    ‘Action Movie Trailer’ this a powerful and emotional dramatic cinematic track with strong arrangements and energetic feel. It features a range of violins, cellos, brass, score horns, epic strings, breakbeat and cinematic drams, piano, choir, strong rises and hits, different effects and more. Great for movie chase scenes, racing, extreme sports, sports event, action and war games as well as any video project where suspense, discovery video, speed and an intense, powerful and dramatic mood is required.

    3 versions included in the zip:

    • Full – 2:39
    • Short1 – 1:25
    • Short2 – 1:04

  3. Action Music

    Action Music is a powerful cinematic epic track. Tight rhythm section with aggressive distortion guitar create an epical temper. This one is an epic action trailer with orchestral instruments, driving percussion for maximum impact, massive drums, guitar, science fiction sounding elements and boosting riser transitions towards climactic ending. The moods are energetic, pushy, serious, chases, exciting, thrilling, intense, gripping, building, leading, explosive and dramatic. The structure is mechanical, loud, heated, earthy, surprising, dynamic, striking, rousing, punchy and driving. It can be used as background music for movie trailer, epic promo, military video projects, marvel and dc video, science fiction documentary, youtube intro, action theme film scenes.

    1 version included in the zip:

    • Action Music – 1:14

  4. Action Epic Dramatic Trailer

    This epic orchestral piece with hybrid elements is perfect for trailers, promos, reels and any emotional dramatic action project! A trailer track that mixes the elements action and suspense into one track, which is achieved with the synths, choir, orchestra, brass, strings, and pounding drums working together in harmony. One of my best works in this direction, high-quality blockbuster track for big pictures, action, battle scenes, games, trailer and film.

    2 versions included in the zip:

    • Full – 2:04
    • Short1 – 1:29