Action Fuzz Dynamic Big Rock Kit

Action Fuzz Dynamic Big Rock Kit


Based on my original AudioJungle item Action Fuzz Dynamic Big Rock

This track is powerful indeed. It has some kind of suspense, so every listener will be interested in the composition. The powerful track is made in a rock style so it has strong guitar riffs. Power is the strength; power represents the ability to change the situation and to make things work your way. This composition is created to catch the attention from the very beginning. The Powerful is great for commercials, dynamic slideshow, presentations, sports opener, sports intro, sport promo, sports broadcast, sport broadcast opener, fitness, workout, fighting, snowboarding, surfing, show, presentation, advertising, car, racing, extreme, extreme sports, adrenalin, motorbikes, promo, movies, event, films trailers, montage, motion graphic, YouTube videos, videohive etc. As you can see the composition that we create is absolutely universal in use so you can be sure that this track is a perfect choice for you. This music will be 100% perfect addition to your projects. Included with the zip file are 2 ready-to-use demo arrangements. Extended version and short version. Short version starts at 1:48.

Extended demo version – 1:49, short demo version – 01:06.

What’s inside

- 11 “no tails” song sections, trimmed on the beat to help you quickly arrange and snap together a guide track for your project.
- 11 matching “tails” song sections, with natural audio endings for smooth transitions and a seamless final result.
- 2 ready-to-use demo arrangements for extra convenience and inspiration.
- PDF step-by-step instruction to help you how to use kit

Song section

01_Intro_A (0:10)
Intro features guitars and claps

02_Intro_B (0:10)
Intro features guitars, percussion, drums and claps

03_Bridge_A (0:02)
Bridge features impact and claps

04_Chorus_A (0:10)
Chorus features guitars, bass, drums, percussion, noise fx and claps

05_Chorus_B (0:10)
Chorus features guitar, bass, drums and percussion

06_ Verse _A (0:08)
Verse features guitar, bass and drums

07_ Verse _B (0:08)
Verse features percussion, bass, guitar and drums

08_Bridge_B (0:10)
Bridge features synth, drums, percussion and claps

09_Chorus_C (0:10)
Chorus features guitar, bass, percussion, drums, noise fx and claps

10_Chorus_D (0:10)
Chorus features guitar, bass, percussion, drums, noise fx and claps

11_Outro (0:10)
Outro features guitars, bass, claps, percussion and drums


Demo 1 1:49
Based on original but has some changes

Demo 2 01:06
Short version for 1 minute project

Preview file contain 2 versions: 01 version and 02 shot version. 02 version starts at 1:48