Acoustic Upbeat Pack

Acoustic Upbeat Pack

This pack is full of acoustic guitars and happy rhythms!

1. Happy Acoustic

Indie track about travel and joyful moments of life with a lot of acoustic bright folk guitars and ukulele and beautiful romantic vocals with hey shouts

The music is recorded completely with live instruments and it feels the beating of life and joy. Indie acoustic guitars play a search in the introduction and narrate about a joyful journey, faithful friends and a successful moment. Then energetic drums, positive claps and catchy tune on ukulele. At the culmination comes the romantic vocals that motivate and give a cheerful mood.
The uplifting track is suitable for any video, presentation, commercial video, advertising, YouTube channel, where it is necessary to emphasize the sunny cheerful mood, folk drive, acoustic indie drive and groove.

5 Versions included!
Happy Short 2 1m35s (0:00 – 1:35)
Happy Full 3m05s (1:35 – 4:40)
Happy Short 1 1m50s (4:40 – 6:30)
Happy Short 3 1m05s (6:30 – 7:35)
Happy Short 4 35s (7:35 – 8:10)

2. Happy

The best day of your life has begun and you have a great mood! Groovy guitars and happy feelings of success.

Palm mute guitar, uplifting drums, positive and exciting holidays are here! Bright and bouncing acoustic guitars bring sunny and optimistic mood. You feel delight and inspiration. Joyful bells give lightness and hope for the best.
• This music is great for youtube or any video where you want to emphasize a happy optimistic mood and success.

4 Versions and a loop included!
Short 1 (8:10 – 9:33) – 1m 23s
Short 2 (9:33 – 10:28) – 55s
Short 3 (10:28 – 11:03) – 35s
Full (11:03 – 13:43) – 2m 40s
Loop (13:43 – 14:22) – 38s

3. Acoustic Travel

This is an easy and happy acoustic music that tells about the joyful rest and achievements.

Acoustic bright guitar and deep fretless bass. Fashion and cheerful shouting hey add mood of victory and achievement. Clockwork percussion and percussion. The general mood of the track seems to be summer now and the sun is shining. Your friends are with you and they smile with happy smiles. A mood of happiness and pleasure from success.
The track is suitable for a colorful video or presentation with a slideshow. It is also suitable for YouTube advertising or any other video where you need to highlight the bright cheerful mood of happiness and success.

4 Versions and a loop included!
Full (14:22 – 16:53) – 2m 31s
Short 1 (16:53 – 18:25) – 1m 31s
Short 2 (18:25 – 19:27) – 1m 02s
Short 3 (19:27 – 20:00) – 33s
Loop (20:00 – 20:30) – 29s