Acoustic Six Pack

Acoustic Six Pack

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This is a pack of 6 of my more popular recent songs:

Kicking Back

KickingBack_Ending.WAV (2:26)

Acoustic Calm

AcousticCalm_Ending.WAV (2:04)

Friday Afternoon

FridayAfternoon_Ending.WAV (2:13) FridayAfternoon_Loop.WAV (2:07)

Autumn Stars

AutumnStars_Ending.WAV: (1:40)

Sweet Memories

SweetMemories_Ending.WAV (2:10)

Passing Years

PassingYears_Ending.WAV (1:52)

Kicking Back:

Driven by a finger picked acoustic guitar, strummed ukulele, and a light piano, this song is designed for unobtrusive, mellow background music, and the chords are very simple and flow very well. The acoustic nature of the instruments give it a folksy, woody feel – very laid back and nice.

Acoustic Calm:

Acoustic guitar and ukulele playing together in a swingy beat accompanied by a bass, piano, electric piano and shaker at a slow and mellow but driving pace. Optimistic and hopeful, this song is thoughtful yet positive.

Friday Afternoon:

Driven by two fingerpicked acoustic guitars and a piano, this song drives with a mellow and positive feeling, building up in the second half for a feeling of stronger movement. Evokes the feeling of heading toward the weekend after a really good work week.

Autumn Stars:

This song is driven by a couple of fingerpicked acoustic guitars, accompanied by a strummed ukulele with a folksy feel, along with a piano, electric piano, and a pad to give it an ethereal feel. Invokes feelings of riding in the back seat of a car at night, looking out of the window at the stars while sleep is on its way. Optimistic, mellow, and innocent, this is perfect feel good background music.

Sweet Memories:

This track is driven by two acoustic finger picked guitars, accompanied by a piano and an electric piano, with a soft pad. Great for background music that requires a nostalgic, reflective feel.

Passing Years:

Featuring two fingerpicked acoustic guitars, piano, and an electric piano, this song moves along at a mellow but driving pace, invoking images of nostalgia and looking back wistfully.