Acoustic Optimistic Guitar

Acoustic Optimistic Guitar


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Acoustic Optimistic Guitar

Also known as ‘Rain’

The smooth mellow acoustic guitar is optimistic bright and cheerful. The easy elegant piano is tranquil ambient and inspirational. The ethereal male vocals and female vocals are dreamy inspiring and cinematic. The uplifting orchestral violins are calm soothing and sentimental. The bass guitar is positive sincere and melancholic. The driving drums inspire achievement. A mix between emotions of happy sad and contemplative. A cool vibe of discovery and meditation. Perfect for a Podcast Intro, Movie Trailer, Documentary, Video Game, Corporate/Business promo, Digital/Technology commercial, YouTube Travel Vlog, Sports Video.

This item includes the following files (WAV & MP3):
  • Rain (3:50)
  • Rain – No Vox (3:50)
  • Rain – Guitar (3:50)
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Ricky Valadez is an award-winning composer with a distinct and recognizable musical style that blends orchestral, cinematic and pop elements. The Berklee College of Music alumnus has composed and produced music through a broad spectrum ranging from electronic to pop to dramatic film music to classical. His music has been featured worldwide in commercials, musicals, feature films, and on television. In his music one can sense an unquenchable curiosity that seeks to discover the unexplored possibilities of music. He is passionately driven by the conviction that music can be a powerful force in advancing individuals toward their infinite potential. Ricky attributes God as the sacred source of all creativity and inspiration.

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