Abstract Inspiring Pack

Abstract Inspiring Pack

Abstract Inspiring Pack

This ‘Abstract Inspiring Pack’ has 3 quality tracks in ‘Abstract’ style. It is. very good offer for you, for save your money. This pack will good for presentation, background of video, advert, YouTube, fashion show, background music, radio etc.

1. 2:06 Abstract Inspiring:

in Preview: 0:00 – 2:06

‘Abstract Inspiring’ – this composition will be a good addition for the embodiment of your idea. Perfectly for presentation, advertisement, slideshow, TV, YouTube, promo etc.

2. 2:21 Modern Abstract Inspiration:

in Preview: 2:06 – 4:27

Abstract track with good atmosphere for your media projects. Good for advertising, presentation, fashion show, promo, TV, YouTube content, business video, openers etc.

3. 2:22 The Abstract:

in Preview: 4:27 – 6:50

‘The Abstract’ – So powerful and atmospheric track. Included powerful drum beat, ambient guitar, ambient piano, pads, strings, synth etc. Will be good for commercial, TV, advertising, presentation, YouTube, Vimeo etc. Good music for good projects ;)

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24/7 support, you can always leave a mail about what you want to set (the length , remove any of the instruments or tone, to pause in a particular place or even what it will), and I will make the setting for you.