Abstract Trip Hop

Abstract Trip Hop

                                          ABSTRACT HIP HOP

Abstract Hip Hop is an energetic and upbeat abstract future Hip-Hop track with old scool vibes of the Boom Bap style and atmosphere of future abstract beats.

Abstract Hip Hop - 1

It is perfect for instagram video, clothing advertisment, clothing video, footwear advertisment, skate video, youtube, underground culture, rap video, rap interview, talk show, cooking video, food video, apartment repair videos, slow motion video, bmx video, teenage video, car advetisment, car video, automobile industry video, as background, sports video, snowboard video, skiing video, urban and street lifestyle videos and any slideshow.

Both .MP3 and .WAV are available and also 3 versions included:

1. Full Version    [2:18]
2. Loop A           [0:48]
3. Loop B           [0:48]
4. Short              [1:06]
5. Shorter           [0:21]

Style: Abstract Hip Hop, Boom Bap hip-hop, funky hip-hop, chill hip-hop beat, jazzy hip-hop, summer vibe, energetic hip-hop, urban, street, hip-hop music, confident hip-hop, light hip-hop, bright hip-hop, emotional hip-hop, modern hip-hop, positive hip-hop, hip-hop style, hip-hop beat, hip-hop sport music, catchy hip-hop, hip-hop, atmospheric hip-hop, future hip hop, inspiring hip-hop, hip-hop royalty free, hip-hop mood, hip-hop production, punchy hip-hop, motivational hip-hop, happy hip-hop, hip-hop urban, hip-hop street beat, hip-hop commercial, easy listening

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