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Hey Jamie, Congratulations on the feature! Scott

Thanks so much Scott! Very kind of you my friend! :)

congrats JB :) wow… very nice !!

Thanks Wes! :)

Very nice track! Congratulations!

Thanks so much! You are very kind to say so. :) Jamie

Thanks so much Twiner! :) Jamie

short of Scottish bagpipes in this track)

I thought of putting bagpipes into “Epic Winning” actually – seriously ;)

Fits perfectly in my wedding video. Thanks jb.

Cool man! Glad it worked! Cheers Jamie

This song definitely inspired me to start thinking making something simply and without drums… :)

Very nice song! I could put it on my cell phone and listen in free time… ;)

Thank you LG-sound! I’m so glad you enjoyed the track. :) Jamie

Thanks Sam! Much appreciated mate. :) Jamie

Wow! I love this track. Amazing.

Thank you Elame98 :)

Thats a PERFECT track mate!

Thanks mate! Much appreciated :)

A Perfect Day :) And a Perfect Track, JBlanks :)

Thanks Sergey :)

Smooth, soothing and beautiful track! Congrats on it, mate!

Ha! Thanks ChocFix :) Really appreciate the kind words, mate. All the best and thanks for taking a listen.