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You’re welcome! :)

Thank you for the FOTM – its really beautyfull for my pic-gallery

Thank you, hope it suits your project well! :)

Thanks you for the FOTM!! You’re awesome :) I will be using it for a class project.

Thank you, kerberos70! Enjoy the song! :)

Nice work sir! Looks like people still bought some licenses for this as well! That is great!

Thank you, mister! I guess people appreciate the gesture of giving it away for free and buy the license anyway. And thank you for stopping by and giving a comment! :)

Thanks for the amazing music track! We couldn’t have made our video without it.

I will definitely review your catalog for our future projects!

I’ll post the YouTube link if you want to see it – thanks again!

Thank you, I’d like to see that! It would be very rewarding to see, where my music is being used! :)

Maybe you should post the link via the email because I don’t know if one is allowed to post link here. Just go to my profile and send email there. :) Thank you!

Sent you the link. Thanks!

Very good work !!!

Thank you very much, Viacheslav!