A Long Way Lost

A Long Way Lost

A LONG WAY LOST (song with vocals)


An emotional pop/love song about the power of the human connection and how certain people can help us in difficult times. The lyrics (below) help drive this message home.

The song features powerful male vocals laden with emotion, accompanied by light guitars, strings, and drums.

This is a track that will help any project which needs to send an uplifting and hopeful message to the listeners.

Vocalist: Dean Winter

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1. TITLE: A Long Way Lost

Length: 3:53

Description: The full unedited version of the track.

2. TITLE: A Long Way Lost – Instrumental

Length: 3:57

Description: The same track, but with no vocals.


Looking out now you shine like a beacon
Looking out now you sure are a sight to be seen
Fading in now, like opening my eyes for the first time
Fading in now, but I’m still caught in between

Cause I’m such a long way lost
Can you find me, I’m tattered and tossed
Can you save me
Cause I don’t believe in anything or anyone but you

Here in the dark I can hear you sinking
Here is my heart, I’m trying to let go to you
But it’s so hard to believe what I want to believe
It’s hard to be here and remember to breathe
Forgive me my silence, I’ll try not to break this
Forgive me my trembling, I’m so afraid of this

CHORUS 2 (same as above)

Hold on now, I’m fragile and fractured in two
But after the rain stopped I opened my eyes to see you

CHORUS 3 (same as above)


Track available in both WAV and MP3 format. Please contact me if you need additional music editing.

Thanks for listening. I hope you will find a good use for this track in your projects.