Discussion on A Little On The Wild Side

Discussion on A Little On The Wild Side

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Thanks for the music, Tim!

By the way, my new project with this track is almost ready… ;)

Thanks for buying Alex :)

Well, I believe you will be the first for project use! Guess I will have to feature it on my website then when it comes out ;)

Another project brings to life with your music…Thanks Tim!

You’re the best man, thanks so much :)

5 stars :)

I’m a little late, but thanks my friend :)

Hello tim how are you? Beautiful song you wrote! I bought it. And was wondering if it is possible to place the project I’m editing right on after, or do I need to place it after the final cut? thank you

Hello, thanks very much for the purchase :)

I am not quite sure what you mean, I am very sorry! I don’t know what you are referring to by “right on or after”?

If you can explain a little more I will do my best to help :)


Awesome track buddy… I would say high among favourites!

Thanks man, that’s very nice of you to say :)

Wow, how could I miss this one! This song is huuuge! Great work Timmeister :)

Haha, the Jungle is a lot bigger these days! Easy to miss :) Thanks my friend!

Thanks so much for the purchase and comment! :)

???? Helo?

????????? I am very like the song “A Little On The Wild Side” ?????????????? I want to listen but the web does not work .

Ask for help

Hello friend, sometimes AudioJungle goes down for maintenance and that was probably the issue. If you try again, or a little later in the day it will work :) Thanks!

This is my favorite so far from jungle, truly a masterpiece! : )

An honour to hear that :) Thanks so much for the purchase!!

Great song. Unfortunately the preview and the original song does not match at all. I first did my edit on the preview and now I basicly have to re-edit the song on to it..

Hey there Jordy, thanks for the purchase and I’m very sorry to hear about that glitch! It’s not intentional, but sometimes when the watermark get’s removed that happens unintentionally on the “clean” version. If you haven’t already done a re-edit, please contact me via my profile and I can get you a version that matches the watermark.

Again, very sorry for the trouble!

I can spend the version that matches the video please?

Hi there, thanks for the purchase! I’m sorry, I’m not sure which video you are referring to, and don’t fully understand what you mean. Could you provide a little more info please? Thanks!

Tim, it’s not the first song I bought from you and all I have to say it’s YOU ARE VERY AWSOME!

Proudly Canadian and thank you very much!

Thanks so much!! I really the kind words and purchases :)

I want to inform you that someone called Gizza has any question claims to the rights to my licence of this music in my movie on YouTube.

Hello, we’ve replied to your e-mail moments ago and someone from our legal team will look into the issue and help to get it solved :)

Any reason this isn’t on Spotify? One of my favorites

Thanks! At some point I may release an instrumentals version CD where this makes the cut. I have thought about that for a while :)