A Day In The Life Of Corporate Man Pack

A Day In The Life Of Corporate Man Pack

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Every day Corporate Man goes to work he gives 110%, and today is no exception! This song pack is an adventure through Corporate Man’s day – he comes to work with high aspirations, develops a solution for a much anticipated feature, has a setback when things don’t go as planned, but ultimately achieves success in a big way.

Included are 4 Corporate/Motivational tracks, each a full version (with an ending chord) as well as a version with an abrupt ending at a loop point for easy seamless looping:

Corporate Man Goes To Work

CorporateManGoesToWork_Ending.WAV (1:12)
CorporateManGoesToWork_Loop.WAV (1:03)

Corporate Man Searches For A Solution

CorporateManSearchesForASolution_Ending.WAV (1:25)
CorporateManSearchesForASolution_Loop.WAV (1:19)

Corporate Man Overcomes A Setback

CorporateManOvercomesASetback_Ending.WAV: 1:39
CorporateManOvercomesASetback_Loop.WAV: 1:33

Corporate Man Nails The Presentation

CorporateManNailsThePresentation_Ending.WAV: (2:17)
CorporateManNailsThePresentation_Loop.WAV: (2:11)

Corporate Man Goes To Work:

Starting with a simple piano riff, this track builds from a feeling of uncertainty to a successful, positive mood, as if a challenge was attempted and eventually overcome. Perfect for corporate or personal presentations that need to convey working towards success.

Corporate Man Searches For A Solution:

Corporate Man is at it again – this time he’s thoughtful, in his office, pondering a way to solve the complex issue of the day. Will he do it? Of course he will! But not before a lot of brainstorming and soul searching. This track blends futuristic sounding synth pads with warm acoustic piano and guitar, drives at a medium pace, and evokes pensiveness but also confidence.

Corporate Man Overcomes A Setback:

The proposal went badly for Corporate Man, and now his boss is looking for rapid turnaround on a different solution. The clock is ticking and things are looking grim. But Corporate Man will not quit – he sinks his teeth in, puts his nose to the grindstone, and, slowly but surely, overcomes the challenge and finds the answer. This track starts out on a minor note but changes in the middle to a more victorious and successful feel.

Corporate Man Nails The Presentation:

It’s been a tough day, full of setbacks but also promise, and Corporate Man is about to put the finishing touches on an anxiously awaited presentation. And all signs are that it’s a hit! The overseas team is delighted by the agility and innovative attitude of Corporate Man and his dedicated team, and the project is a go! The video conference ends, and there is a standing ovation in Conference Room B!

Corporate Man can end his day with a feeling of success, victory, and new exciting challenges on the horizon. This track is driven by a medium to fast paced optimistic and triumphant feel, incorporating piano, briskly strummed acoustic guitar, drums and pads. Perfect for background music for a corporate or personal presentation.