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Is there a way to listen it cheaper or do I have to buy it for 18$? PS. It’s FABULOUS!!!! You are the most talented singer/writer on audiojungle in my my opinion.

Wonderful song! But is there a version without vocals? That would be great… Best regards!

Thanks for the purchase! Sorry for taking a little bit to get back to you. For information on an instrumental version please see the support tab or go here:

Awesome track! Heard this track in several films!! Sounds fantastic and dynamic!!

Hi again Tim! Funny how I keep going through my videos and noticing every third video has used your music. This one was a really important video and I’m glad I found this song since it fit perfectly! Video link is here:

great song, Tim! Thank you for your music!)

Super track !!!

Perfect work! Cool!!!

Thanks so much! Just added your project to my collection :)

Is there a version without vocals?

Hi there, for info about the instrumental please see the support tab on the page, or just go here: thanks!

Beautiful morning! Beautiful evening! Beautiful life! Beautifully done! :)

Thanks friend :)

Hi Tim. Like everyone else here… love the song. I’m also trying to purchase the instrumental version only as well, but the links above don’t take you to the correct place. Can you please assist. Cheers mate!

Hi there! Those links no longer work because the instrumental is now included in the download package :) Comments can be helpful sometimes for sure, but I will always have the most up to date info listed on the page itself. If you have a download that does not have the instrumental in it, you just need to re-download and it will be there. Thanks so much for your purchase!

Hey could you confirm that this is the song used in the background of this video?!? I see it listed in your list but I don’t believe it’s really the same, is it?!

Hi there!

Sorry for any confusion, the author previously had a different preview version on his which used A Beautiful Life but he/she has updated it. The link to my song is still there on their page, but the song now used in the preview is not A Beautiful Life!

Sorry about that, the link in my list has been removed.

What a cool song! To set the mood what I need! Thanks!

Thanks very much! :)

Do I understand correctly that one should not use this in multiple youtube video’s of our performances

Hello :) A song can be used in multiple videos if used in an into or outro for example, where the content doesn’t change each video. If the videos are completely different from one another however, let’s say of a performance in Canada and then one in France, a license would be required for each video. Thanks!

So for every video explainer with new content do I need to have a new license

Essentially licenses are single use licenses yes, with the exception of “series use”. If your video explainer has completely new content, it is considered a separate new project or video.

Thanks for cool music Tim! This one in particular I’ve used in my vacation video

So great my friend :) Looked like you both had an amazing and wonderful time! Thanks for supporting my work, I truly appreciate it!

Very cool and unique project :) Thanks for using my music! I just added your project to my collection:

Hi, I want to sing in this song. How much does it cost?

Hello, licensing a song will give you the right to use it within a project like a video for example, however you cannot make major alterations or additions like singing over top of it for example. Please let me know if you have any more questions :)


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