A Bad Girl's Song

A Bad Girl's Song

A collaboration between YUAR and SOUNDROLL


Listen to the song with female vocals with a hook, full of energy and drive, modern and fresh sound, very cool fuzzing guitar riffs. The song has a retro feel with a modern and nowadays sound and twist.


1. It seems to me you are ashamed
Of my behavior since I first came
Into your tidy punctual life
With my uncontrollable drive.

You always ask me “Baby, don’t be mad!”
But you don’t mind when I’m naughty in your bed.
May be you are right, and I’m insane,
But in that case you should listen to what I say!

I know what to think
and what to drink
and what to smoke
and where to go!
So stop calling me “baby”!
I know who you are
And who I am,
Hey, just remember,
I don’t need your care anymore!

2.If you want to be a teacher,
You should find a silent creature
Pretty dog,who’ll tolerate your boring speeches.
I’m so tired of your upbringing!
I like dancing and I like singing.
I’ve already had a father,
So I don’t need another.