9x Combo Multiplier Sound Pack

9x Combo Multiplier Sound Pack

This is a sound pack of assorted multiplier bonus sounds that would be perfect in a fun puzzle game. All these sounds are flexible and are able to mold into whatever need you can see.

12 Different Sounds Included in this Pack!
Included are as follows:

- Combo 1x
- Combo 2x
- Combo 3x
- Combo 4x
- Combo 5x
- Combo 6x
- Combo 7x
- Combo 8x
- Combo Finisher

Extra Sounds
- Secret Bonus
- Points
- Pause/Unpause

If you use any of my music, I would love to hear about it and publicize your project as best as I can! Of course it’s not required, but it’d be great to network as well. If you like this track/sound be sure to check out the rest of my portfolio!

If you need a more specific track that you feel I could do, just let me know! I’m open for freelance as well as a challenge.

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