90s Style

90s Style

About this track

A moderate grooving stylish club track with minimal cool bouncy sound. Track stylized in not fast deep house of 90’s.

This track is created for fashion, commercial videos, entertainment videos, bares and chill zones, party and afterparty reviews and interviews. You may also use it as a background for tourist advertisement, commercial, slideshow or even as a summer showroom accompaniment. The track is also suitable as background music for shopping malls or a soundtrack for thematic tv show, serials opening, youtube blog videos, cinematic scenes. Also can be used in video games as a soundtrack.

Item include 5 versions of track In preview:

  1. Main track (1:31): 0:00-1:31
  2. 2 min version (1:51): 1:31-3:22
  3. 70 sec version (1:12): 3:22-4:34
  4. 50 sec version (0:53): 4:34-5:27
  5. 30 sec version (0:34): 5:27-to end

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