80s Sci-Fi Synthwave Ambient

80s Sci-Fi Synthwave Ambient

80s Sci-Fi Synth wave Ambient is a great old 80s films style soundtrack with a majestic warm and moog synthesizer sounds exploring a mysterious electronic retro music. Various versions brings rich variety of possibilities to add a soundtrack for your project.

If you are looking for top projects in this style then Thor 3, Stranger Things and Blade Runner 2049 would be a great reference!

Perfect choice for Retro style Sci-Fi, VHS cinematic film or trailer background. It also a great choice for advertisement of fashion, cars, technology and space videos.

Also works for:

  • Blade Runner film style videos
  • Documentary & Educational films / videos
  • Dream, Startup and Future Technology videos
  • Video Game projects, Video Game Trailer background music
  • Platformers
  • Youtube vlogs

    Mood of track: atmospheric, cinematic, cosmic, fantastic, futuristic, feeling, deep, inspiring, motivate, emotional, futuristic, ambient, sci-fi

    Genre of track: atmospheric, cinematic, orchestral, hi-tech, futuristic
    ZIP contains high quality WAV and MP3 versions:
  • Item 1: Main – 2:41
  • Item 2: Short – 1:18

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