80s Neon Drive

80s Neon Drive

About this track

Bouncy grooving 80s retro stylized track with live guitar part inspired by “Drive” movie, “Hotline Miami” and “GTA Vice City” video games esthetic and elements of synth-pop, disco and rock style.

Would be good for serials opening, youtube blog videos, commercial videos, cinematic scenes. Also can be used in video games as a soundtrack.

Track is mixed and mastered according to the style of electronic music sound.

Item include 5 versions of track In preview:

  1. Main (2:28): 0:00-2:28
  2. 80 sec (1:19): 2:29-3:48
  3. 60 sec (1:03): 3:49-4:51
  4. 45 sec (0:45): 4:52-5:36
  5. 30 sec (0:28): 5:37-to end

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