80s Melodic Synthwave

80s Melodic Synthwave

“80s Melodic Synthwave” is uptempo and inspiring nostalgic uplifting pop dance electronica track, inspired by the music of 80s, used for eighties TV series. This kind of music characterized by the use of retro synths and beats and known as “Synthwave”. You can use this music as background for Game, Retro, Style Youtube channels and sites, advertising, game videos, and in projects, related to 80s and retro. Propelled by a stomping kick beat, the verses are chilled building to a massive, feel-good chorus hook that packs hard punch. Great for trendy projects that require exciting and energetic background music with no compromise.

MOOD: uptempo, space, vibe, enigmatic ,science, futuristic, melodic.
GENRE: Electro Pop, Festival, Synth Pop, Hard Rock, EDM, Electronica, Indie, Dance, Power Pop.
USE FOR: cinema, action video, go pro, action movie, dynamic advert video, background for hightech video, technological websites, innovative brands, gadgets show and everyhting related to science, innovation, future and technology.

TV or Radio Advert / Commercial – Youtube Video – Podcast – Film – Television – Video Game Soundtrack – Social Media Marketing – School and College Work – Videohive Preview – Viral Marketing Campaign – Mobile Phone App – Business and Promotional Presentation – Home Video – Theme Tune – Youtube Channel Intro / Outro – Crowdfunding Video – Slide Show – Documentary – Cinema – TV Promotion – Web – Holiday and Vacation Videos – Sports Media – Party / Gig Promo Video

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