70s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco

70s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco


70s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco

70s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco - 170s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco - 270s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco - 370s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco - 470s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco - 570s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco - 670s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco - 7


70s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco is a groovy disco funk track in the style of Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, Bee Gees, and Stevie Wonder, that sounds like the soundtrack from a 1970s movie. Strut down the urban street in your bellbottoms with a feather in your purple hat, a diamond stud in your fur coat, and a gold handle on your cane. As the platform shoes kick and the afros pop up and down at Studio 54, 70s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco will make you strut and dance through the funk-loving audience…while the disco ball sparkles off your foxy afro.

Disco your way through an old school, 1970’s bass slapping, wahwah pedal James Brown styled dance funk rhythm that will make your booty quake and your afro shake. Sexy, sly, groovy, and fly…can you dig it? Boogie up, disco down, strut your booty through the bad part of town. Like George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, be funkadelic and foxy…dig it, baby – you ain’t no jive turkey! This track is one pimpin’, shaggadelic, stone groove, cats.

In 70s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco, sexy wah wah guitar, funky slap bass, funk clavinet and a popping horn section are all up in your face to make your booty quake all over the place.

Sounds like:

70s Funk Wah-Wah Afro Disco sounds like:

  • Sly and the Family Stone
  • Parliament
  • Commodores
  • Ohio Players
  • Isley Brothers
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Bee Gees
  • Funkadelic
  • Herbie Hancock
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Suited to:

“70s Wah-Wah Afro Disco Funk” works well for:

  • 1970s tv
  • 70’s movies
  • exploitation movies
  • detective shows
  • police shows
  • urban crime shows.


Three versions are included in the download:

  1. a full version
  2. a stripped-down version that has guitar, bass, and drums only
  3. a percussion-only version!