30 Second Ident Pack

30 Second Ident Pack

Included in this package are 5 tracks that are all available as 30 second cuts. Some of which include a loop version. The Zip file includes the following::

Lazy Spot:
Lazy Spot is a track inspired by…laziness. The music is written with light and uplifting jazz chords on an acoustic guitar, maintaining a positive vibe. Cut to 30 seconds.
Lazy: 0:30

Heavy Metal Ident:
A heavy metal, or hard rock 30 second spot, with a loopable version. Hard hitting drums, low distorted guitars and driving bass. Heavy_Metal: 0:29
Heavy_metal_loop: 0:05

Sexy Funk:
A slow funky groove, complete with sexy wah-wah guitars and slappin’ bass. Includes a 30 second spot with beginning and end, and a loopable version.
Sexy_Funk: 0:30
Sexy_Funk_loop: 0:11

War Hero Ident:
A 30 second track made for war / military related video. The instrumentation includes marching snare drums and horns to provide the classic feel of war, battle and the army.
War Hero: 0:30
War Hero Loop: 0:16

Health Nut Ident:
A very light, fluffy and cute track which resembles health, happiness cleanliness and high energy. Instrumentation; a modern production of spiccato string players and a cello.
Health Nut: 0:30
Health Nut – Loop: 0:08