26 Realistic Grenade Explosions

26 Realistic Grenade Explosions

26 single grenade explosion sounds of varying force, location and distance from recording equipment.

Descriptions (and duration in seconds) of the grenade explosions files are:
  • 01 (00.35s) small indoor,
  • 02 (00.45s) big outdoor,
  • 03 (01.51s) medium outdoor with echo,
  • 04 (00.80s) deep big indoor,
  • 05 (01.50s) muffled huge outdoor,
  • 06 (00.33s) small/far without echo,
  • 07 (01.53s) nearby small,
  • 08 (00.50s) far muffled short,
  • 09 (00.64s) far muffled medium,
  • 10 (00.65s) far muffled long,
  • 11 (00.45s) nearby big short,
  • 12 (00.60s) very far muffled short,
  • 13 (00.60s) indoor echo medium distance,
  • 14 (00.59s) small slightly muffled,
  • 14b (00.31s) with echo,
  • 15 (00.33s) small slightlz muffled deeper,
  • 16 (01.81s) far outdoor big empty area,
  • 17 (00.54s) nearby short sharp,
  • 18 (00.69s) deep huge indoor,
  • 19 (01.23s) far fast echo,
  • 20 (02.02s) deep huge with debris falling,
  • 21 (01.19s) nearby very muffled,
  • 22 (01.18s) nearby short sharp fizzling,
  • 22b (00.40s) with echo,
  • 23 (02.20s) nearby medium sharp fizzling,
  • 23b (00.56s) with echo.
  • This massively explosive set of bang, boom and kaboom sound effects was created for games, movies, films, entrance flash presentations, business projects (what kind of business would that be?), news, telecasts, podcast, slideshows, corporate videos (really?), backgrounds for websites etc.

    Useful for realistic, sci-fi or fantasy settings and comedic or serious themes. I hope not too bloody.

    Available in both 320kbps mp3 and 16 bit, 44100 hz wav audio file format.

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