20 Woosh & Swoosh Efx Sound Pack

20 Woosh & Swoosh Efx Sound Pack

Windy woosh and swoosh noise effect pack featuring 20 cinematic sounds. There are severals with different size reverbs, and also dry ones.
Suitable for various purposes:
game and movie trailers, websites, promos, short films, and cinematic usage.
You can also reverse the sounds to have an inverse effect. Try it!

Also if you don’t find the particular one you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me, and i’ll design the special one for your project.

Filenames , lengths and few words about each one in this pack.
Woosh_Swoosh_01 – 0:10 – mid attack, down to up,long tail reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_02 – 0:09 – mid attack, up to down, spring reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_03 – 0:01 – short, dry
Woosh_Swoosh_04 – 0:05 – short, open, resonant, long tail reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_05 – 0:03 – brown noise, mid attack, mid reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_06 – 0:07 – three sounds, vari-attack, huge reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_07 – 0:02 – mid attack, down to up, dry
Woosh_Swoosh_08 – 0:03 – slow attack, dry, wide stereo
Woosh_Swoosh_09 – 0:13 – windy style, open, long tail reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_10 – 0:08 – gated, vibrating style, vari-filtering
Woosh_Swoosh_11 – 0:22 – slow-attack, windy stlye, mid reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_12 – 0:05 – resonant style short attack, huge reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_13 – 0:05 – mid-attack, quickly open, mid-reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_14 – 0:17 – slow attack, resonant-stlye, reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_15 – 0:05 – short, sci-fi effect, huge reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_16 – 0:09 – slow attack, sci-fi ending, mid reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_17 – 0:08 – slow attack, right-to-left panning
Woosh_Swoosh_18 – 0:01 – brown noise, fast sound, mid reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_19 – 0:04 – fast attack, quick sound, huge reverb
Woosh_Swoosh_20 – 0:02 – pitched style, short, dry

Please listen to my other sounds…. There there are various type of effects!!!!

I can alter music as it is necessary for you, and also to create new music which to you is necessary.
Contact me : anorganik(AT)gmail.com
To all VideoHive Authors – you are more than welcome to use any of my preview tracks in your video items! (please, do not forget to link to the music in your description, and drop me back e-mail, so I could update my item description too with the link to your item). Thanks!