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Hi – I’m an oldschool dreamwaver html guy trying to learn the ins and outs of wordpress; I do most of my site design in tables (still, yes I’m a dinosaur). I’ve experimented a lot with WP themes this last year, getting up to speed.

Quick question: What’s the best way to have a big wide open space (fullscreen) table-type spot in WP themes I’ll buy here, that is a custom html area, that I can use tables and graphics in?

I’ve checked for various custom html plugins online; just wanted to find out, from you WP experts, any suggestions on “how to get basically a big html whitespace to enter stuff in” that I can modify in WP themes?

Overall I really don’t like using constricted/php/css-limited “gotta use a column here, got to only place a widget there” architecture of WP/joomla etc, but I’ll live with it. In dreamweaver I just add a lot of tables wherever I want on a blank canvas html white space, which is great for speed (I code dozens of complete sites by hand each year, hundreds of html pages).

Any suggestion on how to easily just create a similar, blank big whitespace that’s say 950×600 pixels or whatever, inside a WP theme I’d buy here, then either html-code inside it, or create stuff in DW and cut/paste into the table in WP theme?

thanks much – if I can figure out how to quickly generate sites that are highly customizable, like a blank html page is in dreamweaver, I’ll be buying a lot more themes here, for my network of sites. I’m one of envato’s top buyers (on other envato sites).


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Hi, If i have understood you correctly, you have to create new pages and add the table html code inside them. In the page editor and it would display the html content. Also you can put the css of those tables in style.css file and you should be good to go. You can msg me from my page and ill add you on skype, if you need more help.

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I think the easiest way for you is using iframes. Just put your custom html content somewhere on the server, and use iframe plugin to load it. One customer used this to place my latest cc file and worked like a charm.