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Hey guys, Merry Christmas. :-) This question has come up before. Basically, there is room for improvement with licensing and it’s likely that they will be improved in due course. Sadly, these things just don’t happen overnight and they have to be run through a lot of people/steps to be put in action, particularly our legal team. I have no idea about specific dates at this moment in time but again, it makes logical sense to me that the licenses can and should be improved. Just wanted to assure everyone that we’re aware of the good things that we have here at AudioJungle as well an awareness of the areas where we can definitely improve. Thanks to all those who left feedback and suggestions, we really appreciate it. :) Now, where was I… Oh yeah, back to Christmas celebrations. :D

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Good question. Especially as we are not allowed to registers exclusive content with a PRO which would at least allow us to collect the broadcaster’s fee. There definitely needs to be some sort of amendment and I wrote support about this recently myself with a suggestion.

I believe AJ initially started this way simply to get the marketplace rolling as they were really just trying to attract attention. The low price and relatively simply license made AJ appealing on a mass scale. Now however not only have authors and buyers have increased, but the caliber of authors and buyers has increased and AJ will have to update the licensing structure to continue to grow in the long term.

It’s one thing to get authors to sign up – but then it’s a completely different thing to retain successful authors on the marketplace, especially when other companies come whispering in your ear with seemly better terms and rates.

Yes, I agree.

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yup. It’s the main reason why I don’t add anything substantial here. Of course, things like reality tv can be gratis anyway because there is backend but truly, there needs to be a third licensing term for broadcast period.

Even now, you can take any cue you have here and create a derivative title and register is with ascap. It’s the law of the land. Audio Jungle could do the same thing but they prob don’t want to deal with the hassle.

I know if someone approached me on here for a broadcast cue i would totally give it away free to them under a different title because there is just so much more money involved… unless it’s local television.

It’s not being shady, it’s just the reality of the music business as it is today.

thus, if it’s local television, price could be higher.

national television? re-title and offer to give it away.

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A very interesting thread indeed. I would love to have a discussion about this with other likeminded authors, but this form doesn’t seem like it’s the best place to really get down to brass tacks. Maybe a Reddit community? My main reason for asking is that quite a few excellent tracks by some of AJ’s most talented authors are purchased in such incredible amounts that there has to be more to it then making a nice website and a Facebook page. There have to be relationships with advertising agencies, etc. Not only would I love to hear about those specifics, but I’d also love to hear about the inner workings of licensing with these places, how material exists inside and outside of the AJ marketplace, etc.

Anyway, maybe a form like the one I’m looking for exists? If not, we really should make one. I can talk to this guy or that guy in the “industry” till I’m blue in the face, but there would be nothing like talking to successful AJ authors.

Thanks again, and continued good luck!

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I wonder if this is still on of audiojungle’s priorities or not. I hope it is. It doesn’t really make sense to use regular license for a TV commercial.

Anyway, so just so that I’m 100% sure I’m not mistaken on this, since a buyer just e-mailed me asking:

If someone uses a music file of mine in a TV commercial, even a popular one, multiple times (let’s say the commercial gets broadcasted 20 times a day) and earns money from this commercial, do they still just have to buy 1 regular license and that’s it???

I’d love it it someone could simply confirm this with a yes or no, so that I’m sure what to reply to two buyers who are waiting for confirmation.